Development-type Manufacturer specializing in Band-saws and Hole-saws
We solve every possible cutting and perforation problem.

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  Introducing information regarding our company's new developments, Taniguchi Kogyo Co., Ltd.



High Quality, Low Cost and Speed made possible through the alliance of three industries in the same trade, through further reinforcing the strong points of each one.

  Started new enterprise in 2003
  Each industry's strong points reinforced through the three-group alliance
  5 shops founded for AIM Co., Ltd., Taniguchi Kogyo Co., Ltd.'s sales and maintenance company
  Named after Project Code 535

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Taniguchi Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 2-10-5 Mikuriya-higashi, Higashi-osaka City, Osaka, 577-0033
TEL: 06-6787-1421
FAX: 06-6787-1730


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